Individual and Fiduciary Income Tax Returns


Schmidt & Associates prepares Federal and State(s) Fiduciary Income Tax Returns for Trusts, Estates, and Charitable Remainder Trusts. We also prepare simple and complex Individual Income Tax Returns. We do not audit or otherwise verify data which you submit to us; however, we may ask for clarification. We are available to assist and guide you in gathering the necessary information to prepare the returns. If a question arises interpreting tax law, and a conflict exists between the taxing authorities' interpretation of the tax law and other supportable positions, we will use our professional judgment in resolving these issues, and whenever possible, in the taxpayer's favor.

Estate and Gift Tax


Schmidt & Associates prepares Federal and State Estate (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) tax returns, which are due nine months after the death of the decedent. We prepare Gift (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) tax returns for the calendar year.
We are available to assist and guide the client in the gathering of the necessary records by furnishing the client with a check list of records needed. Should any returns be subject to review by the taxing authorities, we can represent the taxpayer at the examination. Audit representation services are additional services and not included in the fees for the preparation of the original returns.